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Glow Healthcare Agency - Autism

Assistance With Autism Is Available At Glow Healthcare Agency

Glow Healthcare Agency is excited to announce that speech language therapist Sabrina Hussain-Ricketson has joined our in-house team of Allied Health professionals. Sabrina has;

Glow Healthcare Agency - Autism

Glow Healthcare Agency is pleased to offer a number of autism services to complement our medical services.

Parenting your child with autism:

As a parent of a child with autism, what do you do next?
Autism support is readily available. There are many resources and services that we can provide to help you and your family.
You may even be able to access support under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).
Getting the right information is the first step:
There is so much information available about autism but not all of it is accurate.
You will be able to better understand autism and the signs of this lifelong developmental condition.
You will also receive information for you to start planning and take action now to help your child with autism to thrive.
Please CONTACT US to enquire about these services.

Glow Healthcare Services - Autism Services

Early Childhood Intervention Services

- Occupational Therapy
- Speech Therapy
- Allied Health Assistants

- Mobile services - home, day-care/preschool, school, in the community
- Clinic services
- Telehealth consultations

- It is for young children who might have, or are experiencing, developmental delay or disability. (Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Global Developmental Delay, Sensory Processing Disorder, etc)
- Children under 7 years of age.
- Support to young children who need it, early in their life, to help them build their skills so they can take part in everyday activities by assisting with their development and to participate in family and community life.

Occupational Therapy Services for Children

A child’s primary occupation is to play and learn. Some children can have difficulties with play and learning, possibly due to conditions they were born with, perhaps an injury or simply differences in their learning style and needs. If a child’s play and ability to learn is affected, then their independence, health and how they feel about themselves will be impacted. An Occupational Therapist for children can help them to live more independently and improve their capacity to play and learn.

What can OT help to improve for your child?
● Gross motor skills
● Fine motor skills
● Self-care skills: toileting, eating, dressing, showering
● Sensory and emotional regulation
● Cognition
● Social and play skills
A diagnosis is not necessary for a child to be eligible for OT, but here are some common conditions that OT supports:
● Autism Spectrum Disorder
● Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder
● Global Developmental Delay
● Sensory Processing Disorder

If you have concerns with your child reaching their developmental milestones, gross and fine motor skills, or self-care, Glow Healthcare can provide Occupational Therapy services to assist you in improving the areas of concern.
Glow Healthcare provides:
● Mobile services - at home, day-care/preschool, school, or in the community
● Clinic services - located in Granville
● Telehealth consultations and initial assessments
Glow Healthcare Allied Health Services for Children:
● Occupational Therapy
● Speech Therapy
● Allied Health Assistance
Glow Healthcare prioritises you as a people-focused agency, placing you at the core of all our operations, choices and our mission of adding value to the community by providing quality services tailored to meet clients’ individual needs.

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